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8 Things You Missed at The Folio: Show

Didn’t make it to The Folio: Show this year? While you missed out on networking, industry insights and a ton of fun, we’ve outlined our favorite parts from the show this year.

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9 Ways to Promote Your Award Win

You need to tell your story, and who can tell your story better than you?

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Generating Content Licensing Revenue? Now What?

Planning now for new licensing opportunities in the future takes a strategy.

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Publishers, What’s Your Next Step?

So whether you are looking at subscriptions, ad sales, or event income, it takes a significant investment of time and assets to successfully implement a strategy to monetize each channel.

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The Case for Outsourcing your Content Licensing

Some tasks are outsourcing naturals, but what about content licensing? How

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The Convergence of Technology and Content Licensing

Does your typical workday include listening to your favorite playlists on

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Nike is right – just do it

Marketing your archives is kinda like selling seats on an airplane. If you wait too long people will find another way to get where they want to be.

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Why You Should Partner with a Content Licensing Agency

Many publishers are familiar with content licensing. In fact, you may have it on your “to do” list as we speak. But we all know that stuff happens, and somehow the licensing initiative either doesn’t get off the ground, or if it does, the results are underwhelming.

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Press Releases

Wright’s Media Acquires LicenseStream™

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (October 16th, 2014) – Wright’s Media is eager

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Wright's Media

  • 2407 Timberloch Place, Suite B
  • The Woodlands, TX 77380, TX 77380

Company Description

Wright’s Media is a full-service licensing solutions provider that works with print and online publications in both the consumer and B-to-B sectors. If you are seeking to outsource your reprint to maximize profits in-house or you are looking to utilize your content for a stronger marketing strategy, our impeccable performance record and appreciation for progressive technology will provide you with an ‘Exclusive’ advantage.