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These Promotions Draw Advertisers Like Magnets

Readex Research

Many publishers have a "can't-miss" issue that naturally attracts advertisers. Perhaps the attraction is bonus distribution at the biggest industry event of the year, or is tied to the seasonality of your profession's business cycles. Whatever the reason, this issue has big pull, while others may pale in comparison. As a result, a variety of motivators can help beef up those thin issues.

Providing advertisers with market data regarding their company can be a virtually irresistible promotion. By including questions about your advertiser in a survey that gathers market data from your audience, the results are much more relevant than perks of a more general nature. The market data offers answers to some of the most burning questions on advertisers' minds. Furthermore, since most advertisers cannot easily, much less affordably, collect reliable information similar to what you will provide, they'll be drawn to the idea that you're giving it to them for free when they place an ad in the issue.

So, what type of data can you offer, and why would advertisers care?

How is my ad working?

The pressure's on to maximize every marketing dollar spent. As a result, Ad Effectiveness studies can be an effective way for advertisers to gauge how well their ad resonates with readers. The results can be used to slightly refocus an ad's message, or help advertisers significantly improve their communications with readers. The survey is focused solely on the ad's creative, so the results cannot be used to judge the quality of your audience.

Does the market view us as we see ourselves?

What company doesn't want to know how the market views their brand? When advertisers are included in a Brand Buzz survey, they'll get an idea of how they're perceived in the marketplace. Results can be used to confirm that a company's marketing efforts are accomplishing their objectives, or the data can identify gaps in how the company sees itself versus how the market views it.

How do we compare against our competitors?

Results from a Brand Awareness survey give advertisers a valuable glimpse into market insights regarding awareness, familiarity, usage, or preference. Publishers can also benefit from this survey by illustrating the relationship between aggressive advertising and higher awareness. When you show infrequent advertisers the link between the two, you strengthen your case for frequent, consistent advertising.

By offering valuable market data as a promotion linked to advertising in a specific issue, you'll be able to attract additional ads. Another benefit is that you'll strengthen your relationship with advertisers by providing them with valuable, unique, and individualized market data. Better yet, you'll stand out from your competitors as the premier market information source for your industry.

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