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It’s Time for Publishing to Disrupt Itself

Disruption is a 4-letter word, but not the one you’re thinking of. Yes, it’s hard, but it shouldn’t spell f-e-a-r. Instead it should be seen as a time of immense opportunity in the evolutionary process of every business. Welcome it and exploit its potential and you may find that “something incredible”. Ignore it or fight it and it will bite you in the proverbial butt. But how does the industry disrupt itself? Maybe looking back at how we got here will help move us forward. Let's see...

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It’s Not Too Late to Stop the Insanity

In their efforts to try and squeeze traditional print publishing paradigms into bits and bytes, publishers have missed a fundamental element for financial viability in this new people-powered planet. They’ve missed the “consumer-isation” of the communications gravy train, and like many industries before them, they need to do a serious about-face and face their audience up close and personal, or, frankly, perish. Find out why it's not too late to stop the insanity...

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Big Data Drives Crowd-Curated Frictionless Content

In this piece, Nikolay Malyarov chief content officer at PressReader, isn’t talking about big data from the perspective of that business analyst who works down the hall from you crunching numbers; he’s talking about big dynamic data.

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Making Dollars and Sense of Millennials

They won’t touch a printed newspaper, writes Nikolay Malyarov, but will choose printed books over eBooks every day of the week. They are news junkies (82 million consume online content monthly in the US alone), but when it comes to content discovery, they snub editors and opt for curation by the crowd. Are they mad? No, they are Millennials – Find out how to “speak Gen Y” here…

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Content Distribution without Borders

Over the past 10 years there have been dramatic changes in the publishing industry -- changes that have made reaching, building and retaining audiences much more complicated than it was in any preceding decade. News content, which was once the purview of media moguls is now being curated, generated and shared by almost every business on the web; everyone’s a publisher these days. So how do newspapers and magazines rise above the content marketing noise and grow brand equity, audience and revenue in such an overcrowded publishing landscape?

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Voted the Best Newspaper App Ever for iOS for consecutively three years

Press Releases

PressReader partners with world’s leading hotel operator Accor

VANCOUVER, CANADA (November 19, 2014) PressReader and global hospitality leader Accor have partnered to provide hotel guests worldwide with a digital all-you-can-read newspaper and magazine service called Accor Press. As the leading innovator in digital press PressReader worked with Accor to develop hotel features into the Accor Press offer, which provides access to more than 3,000 magazines and newspapers. PressReader’s website and mobile app are available in hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms globally, and the Accor partnership increases PressReader’s reach to almost one million hotel rooms.

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Immediate Media Company poised to reach over 250 million people with PressReader

London, UK (March 16, 2015): PressReader, the world’s leading all-you-can-read platform for full-content digital magazines and newspapers, has signed UK magazine publishing giant Immediate Media Company to its content distribution network. The addition of 30 premium titles to PressReader, including Lonely Planet Traveller, BBC Music and Top Gear, is indicative of Immediate Media’s innovative approach to developing brands across platforms and its pursuit of larger, more engaged audiences.

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Uber and PressReader redefine the transportation experience at the Cannes Film Festival

Uber and PressReader redefine the transportation experience at the Cannes Film Festival Riding with Uber just got better, thanks to a new partnership with PressReader. Anyone using Uber during the Cannes Film Festival from May 13 to 24, will receive complimentary digital access to thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world. Whether passengers want to catch up on news from home with their morning paper or enjoy their favorite fashion or sports magazine, PressReader has something for everyone.

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Qantas gives customers unparalleled access to thousands of magazines and newspapers

Sydney, Australia – (May 27, 2015): From The Washington Post and Vogue Italia to Australian metropolitan and regional publications, Qantas customers will soon enjoy access to nearly 4,000 leading titles on the world’s largest newspaper and magazine platform, PressReader. Accessible via the Qantas App, PressReader will enable Qantas customers to download magazines and newspapers in more than 60 languages, from a huge range of local, regional and international titles across 100 countries, prior to their flight.

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PressReader is an all-you-can-read digital media platform that reaches more than 250 million readers who use PressReader to read, share and talk about news. Full issues of 4,500+ global newspapers and magazines can be read online, in print or downloaded via the app. PressReader HotSpots offer sponsored access to the platform at thousands of libraries, hotels, corporate offices, airport lounges, airlines, cruise lines and cafes worldwide. PressReader also partners with more than 4,500 publishers in over 100 countries, to help them monetize and distribute their content and the multi-channel digital platforms to grow their global reach and readership.