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Print and Digital Living in Harmony

Can print and digital publications live in harmony? We think so. Learn why it's important to create a digital experience that is different than print and how it applies to your overall digital program.

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Three Email Metrics That Publishers Should Track

Want to be an email expert?  There’s some analytics that you should be paying attention to.

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Three Benefits Digital Publications Have Over Websites

Should I have a website or a digital publication? Let's take a look at the benefits of a digital publication.

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A Look Inside the Digital Media Strategies of LeisureMedia360

This month we are sitting down with Jeff Wood, of LeisureMedia360,

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4 Steps to Figuring Out ROI on Digital Content

Whether you’re a publisher looking to drive subscriptions, an association with goals of increasing membership, or an enterprise selling a product, knowing ROI of your campaigns can help you to be more efficient and successful.

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One of our Favorite Nxtbook Digital Publications from March

March digital publications have all been released and we’re highlighting one of our favorites! The one I’d like to share with you is produced by SkillsUSA, a partnership of students, teachers & industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Their focus is students in the workforce and they produce a quarterly magazine, CHAMPIONS.

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NxtTip! Adding Bookmarks & Notes to a Nxtbook

Ever read an article in your favorite Nxtbook and wished that there was a way to save it by adding a bookmark? How about noting the last item you read in case you can’t finish reading the entire book or make a note to yourself about the content that you just read?

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Marketing or Sales: Who Ranks?

There’s an old adage, you can’t effectively lead or manage what you can’t, won’t or don’t define. When the definition, and roles between sales and marketing are unclear, the result is confused, demotivated team members creating a drain on valuable resources of time, energy and money.

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Press Releases

Digital Marketing: Add a little "Awesome!"

The wow-factor. A phrase made cliché by marketers’ overuse, yet has not lost any of its allure to audiences and advertisers alike. It’s a necessary element to every promotional piece to evoke reader action. But, as every content creator, brand manager and marketer knows, getting your audience to be ”wowed” isn’t easy. It’s also not too

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Nxtbook Media

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Company Description

Nxtbook Media, LLC transforms the way people read on the Internet. Our core Nxtbook teams works with magazine publishers, catalog publishers and corporate marketers, finding ways to leverage traditional print material for optimized use online. Our solutions are delivered via the Internet or Native apps, using the newest technology. 

The Nxtbook Creative division works with those clients seeking our most innovative content solutions. We strategize create, optimize and deliver content via websites, rich media and more.


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