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TEN: The Enthusiast Network: Ending the Paper Chase

Following a comprehensive analysis of TEN’s existing workflow, Breeze Advertising Solutions presented a comprehensive digital solution that streamlined ad ops processes across the company.

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Morris Media Network: From Hodgepodge Systems to a Unified Advertising Workflow

Breeze Advertising Solutions introduced Morris to a comprehensive web-based workflow and assets management system that enabled it to effectively coordinate every step in its advertising operation.

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The Obstacles to Digital Growth That You're Not Thinking About

How cross-discipline efficiency and visibility in sales, production, accounting and billing are critical in generating new revenue, and eliminating sales “leakage.”

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CNI/Breeze Advertising Solutions

Company Description

Advertising operations in media companies must be dynamic and flexible to accommodate the growth of digital advertising volume while continuing to produce their traditional print products.

New products and platforms are emerging every day, challenging advertising sales and operations staffs with new systems and workflows.  With thin margins and high competition, efficient operations are critical to maximize profitability.

We can help, our solution is more than just technology:  CNI works with you to understand your business objectives, creates a road map and strategy, and provides the services you need to meet them.